Our values

You are what you drink. So it makes sense to only drink the very best, right?

Loup & Filles hand pick the best organic & mostly local ingredients, slowly grind and cold-press the juices (adding nothing more), then seal each and every bottle ourselves… all down by the beach in Barcelona.

From leaf to lip, our love, care and attention ensures you only drink cold-pressed juice of the very highest quality. It’s healthy, by hand.

Loup & Filles Juices

We believe that organic should be the norm. It’s incredibly important to us that only the essential goodness from organic fruit and vegetables go into each juice – so that means working directly with farmers who plant, grow and pick produce of the highest quality, with absolutely no pesticides, fertilizers or chemical preservatives. There are no artificial flavours or chemicals in any of our juices… only the good stuff!

We did some tests to make sure all this effort was worth it and found some scary results. Read more about that here.

Statistical associations between exposure to certain pesticides and the incidence of chronic diseases are compelling and cannot be ignored. Read more about why we’re against the use of pesticides here.

Loup & Filles Juices

By using a process called cold-pressed we can ensure that the maximum amount of juice is extracted from fresh ingredients. With this method the produce is not exposed to additional heat or oxygen; maintaining freshness like no other extraction process. We don’t add any harmful chemicals and no nutrients are lost as with traditional pasteurization.

Without any HPP* to extend the shelf-life, you are getting all the antioxidant benefits from the vitamins and polyphenols in the fruit & veggies.

Cold pressed is proven to provide up to 5 times more nutrients and flavor than home-pressed juices, ensuring that you get all the antioxidant benefits from the vitamins and polyphenols naturally found in fruits & vegetables.

This production process means that our juices only last for 5 days, but we think that that’s a fair trade-off to ensure all the very best flavors, nutrients and happiness!

*HPP: High pressure processing, is done to most cold pressed juices since it prolongs shelf life, but also damages enzymes, nutrients and the fresh taste in the juices.

Loup & Filles Juices

We believe that lots of small individual actions can have a big impact on the planet, which is why we’re committed to only using recyclable glass bottles. Plastics are killing hundreds of thousands of marine mammals and seabirds every year, as well as contaminating our waters and therefore harmful to our own health. For the sake of the future of our planet, it’s important that we act now to ensure our planet is a pleasant place for humans, plants and animals to live for hundreds of years to come!

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